Our Story


Man is music to god's ears. Music is Life.. Angel Order hails from Miami, FL and has been producing music since 2010. A description of the music is wide ranging because music is now breaking so many barriers when it comes to genres. Angel Order sticks to mostly House and Progressive music with projects in all genres as well. Currently, we are gearing up for a slew of releases of music we worked hard to put together towards the end of 2014. We are going to be presenting our label, artists and music to you and are ready to bring our sound, lyrics and vibrations to those who want a little more than a song, an experience. 


For some, making music is a dream. You can almost say it is a calling. Angel Order is a project created to express feelings and experiences that are happening here right now. Our music is guided by a sound and feeling that will hopefully leave a special feeling with you from each of our songs and releases.  Our music will be something to be remembered as the divine comes down into your minds and your hearts through the power of sound. 

Angel Order is currently working on great collaborations with artists around the world so please stay tuned. Sign up to your email list and stay on top of this movement. Angel Order is ready to bring you music like never before.